Having Sedentary Job?
That’s enough. We all feel it:
Rounded shoulders
Feeling very tired all the time
Eye strain
Back pain
Fix this now

These symptoms
affect your life

Sedentary lifestyle demotivates. You can identify this kind of people from among the crowd.

That’s why rounded shoulders is a sign of the office workers. At first sight it’s okay, but in the long run it goes into serious pathologies.

Inactivity could be the root cause of your low energy. It prevents you from achieving your life goals and wishes.

Eye strain is a reason loss of sight and why you lose important things.

But you can avoid it

You have chance to fix your body, save money, time and energy. How?

We made a special training course leaning on researches of the problem.

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This app reminds you to stretch with smart notifications.

Physical exercises catalogue, divided by zone of influence on body parts. We are like a food delivery service, but for your warm-ups.
Here’s how it works:

Choose time

specify the time at which it is convenient for you to receive exercise notifications

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Choose categories

select the exercise category that interests you the most

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Receive notifications

receive notifications at your appointed time about the exercises you have selected

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Warm up

Choose what is right for you.
Free the mind of all thoughts.
Avoid having osteochondrosis and other diseases
Lose weight and reduce cardiovascular disease
Stop the formation
of intervertebral hernia
Restore your visual acuity
Prevent problems with
sexual life
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